Storage Container for Hire and Sale

We can provide you with exactly the right 'box', including standard containers, special containers and refrigerated containers which we can deliver throughout the UK. We also offer self storage facilities at our Glasgow branch. There is virtually no limit to the uses for containers. Reliability and quality are key. Our team at CHS will be glad to provide you with full details on the astounding range of applications for containers.

Standard Containers

Standard containers account for approximately 85 per cent of all containers in use worldwide. They are the 'workhorses' among containers. They can be used to store and transport almost any type of goods.

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High-Cube Containers

If the cargo is large or bulky and a standard 8'6" high container is too low, then a High-Cube container (9' 6") may be the right solution.

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Special Containers

Our special containers include full side opening containers, water supply containers, COSHH stores and more. We have the right solution for every requirement.

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