Special containers – the right solution for every requirement

We have a number of special containers available for sale. A selection of these containers are below.

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Pallet-wide containers - for Europe

Pallet-wide containers were developed specifically for the European market as well as short sea shipping. Their internal width of at least 2.42 m allows two EURO pallets to be loaded lengthwise or three EURO pallets loaded crosswise into the container.

Flat / platform - Stable stacking

Flats consist of a heavy-duty floor structure with a steel frame, a softwood floor and either two fixed or collapsible end walls. The end walls are stable enough to allow cargo-securing equipment to be attached as well as several flats to be stacked on top of each other. Numerous lashing rings for securing the cargo are installed in the side rails, corner posts and floor. Flats can also be equipped with stanchions for transporting certain cargoes.

Open-top / hard-top containers – loading made easy

The roof of an open-top container consists of removable bows and a removable tarp. A hard-top container has a removable steel roof. The top door rail swings out on both models. These design features make loading and unloading the container significantly easier. When the roof is open and the top door rail is swung out, the container can easily be loaded or unloaded from above or through the doors using a crane or trolley. Please note that the roof bows on an open-top container not only support the tarp, but also increase the stability of the container. For this reason, flats are more suitable for high cargoes.

Insulated / refrigerated containers – cool down

The newest generation of CHS refrigerated containers are the right choice for anyone who is looking for flexibility. These containers are optimally suited for storing your temperature-sensitive goods.

Whether for use as a large refrigerator for a big event or for longer-term use while renovating your refrigerated warehouse: your products can be stored under optimal conditions at whatever temperature you require.

Other Special Units

Other containers we can supply include side-door units, double-door units, open-side units... and more. We can even manufacture units to your specification. Please contact us for more information.