In the box together

CHS Container Group's philosophy is based on lasting relationships with customers and employees. CHS's experts provide consultation, plan, design, manufacture, and provide comprehensive support. Right through to the end of the project. At our customers' side. Locally and globally. This requires continuity and team spirit. These are values lived by our team of experts in the fields of freight forwarding, shipping, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, automotive engineering as well as industry and trade. We naturally also provide transnational support for assembly, repair and maintenance.

Always focused on the customer's needs, we find the right solution for your transport, storage or capacity problems. Anywhere in the world. Whether you intend to rent or buy, we have the right solution for you! We can offer container sizes from 6' to 45' and special containers with custom dimensions and various qualities of used and new containers.

Our success at CHS is ensured by more than 200 employees who work for our corporate group worldwide. Regular qualification programs, internal and external controls in occupational safety and environmental protection as well as health checks are part of our standard.